Longshore Drift is an online magazine published jointly by the Medway Swale Estuary Partnership and Longshore Editions. Its primary focus is the landscape of the north Kent marshes, with occasional diversions into areas of related interest. We welcome submissions from writers, artists, filmmakers, photographers, musicians and craftspeople, who can inspire our readers to explore, understand and appreciate the importance of the area.

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Longshore Drift | Submissions
Longshore Drift is an online journal published by the Medway Swale Estuary Partnership. Its primary focus is on the natural and historical environments of the north Kent Marshes, with occasional diversions into related areas of interest.
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Written submissions should be under 4000 words. This can include prose (fiction and non-fiction) and poetry.


Visual submissions should consist of no more than ten images, along with a short biography and details about the work.


For sound and film recordings, please e-mail us to discuss further.


We aim to respond to all submissions within 48 hours, but may occasionally take longer.


Please e-mail submissions (as a jpeg/PDF or Word attachment) or ideas for developing new work, to us at: mail@longshoredrift.org.uk


Alternatively, write to us at:


Longshore Drift
c/o MSEP, 3 Lock Cottages
Lock Lane
Kent ME14 3AU
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Looking for inspiration?


If you are considering submitting an article for publication by Longshore Drift or are looking for inspiration or examples of what types of articles we tend to publish, please take a look at recent posts.
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